Massage Business Startup Guide

You’re About To Discover How How To Startup and Run A Profitable Mobile Massage Business From A-Z While Avoiding The Many Pitfalls So Many Mobile Massage Therapists Fall Into  

Are you looking for answers on what to do, step by step, in order to start and run a mobile massage business? The reason it’s important you get the right answers immediately is so you save time, energy and money in your mobile massage business startup.

We’ve done our research and we have seen first hand how confusing or incomplete other online resources can be. The problem isn’t that you don’t know the information. The problem is you don’t know the right questions to ask in order to get the right information.

So here is what we’ve done. We’ve taken the trouble to do all the heavy lifting, discovered the right questions to ask and researched it all for you then packed all the answers into one, no fluff, resource guide that you can download instantly to your hard drive.

Massage Business Ideas Introduces The MMB Startup Guide

In this 8 Chapter step by step guide you’re going to get answers to:

  • The top 3 tips for researching a school one resource to research to REALLY know if this school is right school for you. (Chapter 1 Page 6)
  • One claim from Massage Schools you MUST be wary of. This insight alone can save you precious time and money when picking the right school. (Chapter 1 page 7)
  • Discover the benefits and the drawbacks of aligning yourself with a Massage Business Franchise
  • 5 Questions almost all Mobile Massage Business startups don’t know to ask when putting together a business plan (Miss these and you’re destined to fail almost immediately)  (Chapter 3 Page 9)
  • The biggest mistake massage business owners make when naming their businesses We see this more than you can imagine and it absolutely destroys your image and what you can charge.
  • Discover two specific tools to create your own “category” and eliminate competition even in a crowded market
  • We’ll provide you online marketing resources to build your own website,
  • How to ask the right marketing and branding questions for your business plan and more
  • Learn how to tap into Social Media and Online Marketing 101 for lead generation.
  • Plus links to multiple resources and tools for business planning, school locations, how to incorporate, business license information, legal insights/ resources and much more.

We’ve done it all for you!

You’re only minutes away from getting all the answers, insights and tips you need to know in order to get started today on your Mobile Massage Business right away. After reading this comprehensive guide you’ll know each step you need to take in order to bring your business to life as well as how to skirt the obstacles that will force most mobile massage therapists to quick within the first year.

Mobile Massage Business Obstacles 

The vast majority of people who launch a mobile massage business burn out in the first 2 years. It’s not because massage therapy isn’t fun or easy to do. It’s because they didn’t go into with a well through through plan. In many causes they burn out because they are too busy trying to juggle finances, figure out marketing, advertising, prospecting and scheduling new clients ALL while trying to provide an amazing massage experience!

If you don’t know exactly what to expect and how to plan appropriately for it in your mobile massage business, you’re asking for trouble! 

So what do you do next?

Get your hands on this guide instantly. Download the Definitive Guide To Starting Your Mobile Massage Business below. You can begin getting access to all of the tips, resources and fresh new ideas that are going to work in 2012.

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The Mobile Massage Business Startup Guide

Eight Chapters of Fresh New Ideas, Resources and Strategies to Launch your Mobile Massage Business Quickly and Effectively. 

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