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Massage Business Names That Sabotage Your Profits

This piece taken out of The Definitive Guide To Starting Your Mobile Massage Business

massage business namesYou discovered the top 10 questions you should ask yourself before starting your mobile massage business and you feel you’ve passed with flying colors. Excellent! Now it’s time to go through massage business names and see which one fits you best right?

Not so fast!

Don’t make this an after thought as so many massage business owners seem to do. You have to remember, if you’re going down this road of owning a mobile massage business, you’re going to be a business owner. One of the many roles of a business owner, and one of the most crucial roles to embrace, is that of a marketer. You see knowing your audience and understanding their biggest fears, frustrations, wants and desires will go a long way in attracting their business. Your name has a lot to do with who you attract or more importantly who you repel.

Less is more!

What we mean by this is the more specific an audience you target your efforts, the more focused your message and the more business you can attract.

Take a look at these names below:

  • Your Magic Touch Massage
  • Mesmerizing Mobile Massage
  • Sarah’s Touch 4 U

Although they may sound snappy and catchy, there is nothing mesmerizing about them and they don’t really stick out in your mind. Not to mention they could be easily confused with, let’s just say, an industry you probably don’t want to be associated with.

You need to create mobile massage business names that are specific, calls out to a specific audience and makes you services stand out.

So what’s the answer?

Are You Going To Be A Generalist Or A Specialist? 

What we mean by that is Generalist or specialist is this. If you decide you’re going to become a mobile massage therapist, will you be a general practitioner or someone who specializes? (Here’s a hint, one makes more than the other)

Consider these names:

  • Mobile Sports Massage Therapist LLC
  • Corporate Massage Therapy Specialist
  • Mobile Massage Therapy For Surgeons

Now if you add, lets say, your city or county onto the name you can not only niche down to a specific audience, but you can now become the specialist in your city or county:

  • Mobile Sports Massage Therapist Tampa
  • Charleston Corporate Massage Therapy Specialist
  • Hillsborough Massage Therapy For Surgeons

This makes a big difference so that when people see your name alone they already know exactly what you do and who you do it for.

I know what you’re thinking, “But if I go narrow with an audience won’t I be stifling the business I can accrue?” Not at all! Actually this creates more business for you. Target centers of influence who can then refer you out to either other centers of influence or people within their network! Targeting higher paying centers of influence may require a big more effort on your part but it’s worth it in the long run.

If you want more insider tips, be sure to instantly download our insider Mobile Massage Startup Guide for up to date strategies, tips and fresh new ideas to launch your mobile massage business.  

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