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How to Choose Massage Therapy Tables for Your Mobile Massage Business

Massage Therapy Tables for Your Mobile Massage Business

mobile massage tableOpening a massage business is no joke. You need to be serious about it and the equipment you use. This is exactly why you will need some a good massage therapy table. This is one of the many massage business ideas that should come into mind when you are opening up your mobile massage business.

Now, how do you choose tables for your massage therapy business? When you’re trying to open own mobile massage business should know first the purpose of your table. There are stationary tables and mobile massage tables. For the purpose of your a mobile massage business you want the mobile table. These massage tables can actually vary in purposes which is why one has to be meticulous when he or she is searching for the right massage table that could make their business a success. For example, Reiki requires higher end plates that allow you to fit your knees under the table. Raised end plates are also handy for reflexology or hand and foot massage.

When you are choosing a good massage table for your massage business, you should look into your massage therapy technique or the massage therapies that you will be using first. There are several types but a few are:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Stone Massage
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Beauty Work and Massage

Perhaps that table is enough for you to let your client lie on it and then you administer your massage therapy to him. You should choose a table that you can be very comfortable with, performing the massage therapy you’re specializing in. What kind of massage therapy will you specialize in?

When it comes to opening a mobile massage business, however, consider buying a table that you can easily store when you are traveling and that is also light. You should note that having such a business could actually have you drive all over your city, county or state. You will definitely need a table that you can easily store when it is not in use.

You should also have a table that is comfortable for your clients to lie down on as you do the massage therapies. Keep in mind the width and length of the table. If you are under 5’5 then the width of the table will allow you better body mechanics however it may also give your customer the sense they are falling off the table. This is another of those massage business ideas that you cannot miss. You have to make sure that your client is comfortable on the table that you’ve picked out and this is why you have to provide your clients the best comfort you could give them by choosing the right table. Your massage therapy business could really go a long way this way.

The last thing you need to look into when you are opening up a mobile massage business is the price of the massage therapy table. We know money is usually tight and on the same hand tables make a huge impression and create the over all customer experience. To make your massage business a success, you have to choose a table that your clients will feel comfortable.

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How to Choose Massage Therapy Tables for Your Mobile Massage Business

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