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Basic Massage Therapy Business Supplies For The New Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Business Supplies

massage business suppliesThe increasing stress level in the modern work culture has created an opportunity for those persons who are looking for massage business prospects. People have started referring to massage therapists for relaxation and rehabilitation or even for medical treatments. Several regular clients sprouted giving a boost to these massage business ideas. For those who are new massage therapist, the best way to attract clients is to provide a full-fledged service where the clients experience comfort and well being results in the business premises. This not only comes from the welcoming smile and the professionalism of the massage therapist but the quality of equipment used while carrying out the massage therapy. This also makes a lot of difference.

So What Massage Business Supplies will you need?

The massage therapist must make sure that they have the perfect tools that can be used in performing the therapy. The basic massage therapy supplies that are required in a massage therapy business includes:

  • massage tables
  • mats or massage chairs
  • aromatherapy supplies
  • music
  • books
  • videos
  • charts and anatomical supplies
  • clothing
  • hot and cold therapy supplies
  • massage tools
  • massage table
  • towels
  • oils
  • creams and lotions
  • …plus marketing tools to attract the clients

Aromatherapy supplies for massage business consist of essential oils, hydrosols and absolute oils. These are the products that help in calming and mind and soothing the body. If you are new to aromatherapy, you must be cautious while choosing the essential oils. These oils must be an absolute herbal based product and must be a blend that create a perfumed and aromatic fragrance or which are produced especially for therapeutic purposes. Scented candles, ear candles made from wax and fabric, remedy oils, aromatherapy diffuser, incense which are an essential oils and mixture of animal or plant aromas and natural herbs extracted from plant materials and plants are a must to have list for massage therapy.

If you have a physical office location you can as well place anatomy charts, trigger point charts, reflexology, posters, skeletons and decoders charts so that your clients can understand the benefits of the massage therapy you are providing through your massage business. Besides, if you provide hot and cold therapies then you will need to have supplies like cold or hot packs, moist heat products, hot stone massage products, hydrocollators, paraffin treatment products, fomentek bags etc. The basic massage therapy supplies will also include massage tools such as thumpers, erls, massagers, massage and marble stones, warmers, exercisers, carpal tunnel gloves and power putty.

To make your massage table a complete massage tool, you will have to get supplies like carts, covers, sheets, blankets, fleece pads, face cradle covers, towels, bolsters and body cushion systems plus cleaning agents to keep these neat and clean.

Besides these supplies, if you want to grow your massage business, you will need strong marketing tools. 

We share exactly what marketing tools and skills you’ll need in our Mobile Massage Business Guide.

You can lure the clients by using gift vouchers which offers discounts or attractive service packages. In addition, you can also popularize your business by using brochures, business cards and flyers. It will be helpful for you if you are able to establish a mobile massage business as a startup to familiarize yourself with these massage therapy supplies so that you can make support your customers needs in a professional manner.

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