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3 Things Your Massage School Won’t Tell You

3 Things Your Massage School Won’t Tell You
massage schoolsNot only has it been predicted that massage a therapy career has a very bright future it’s proven with facts. But, it is worth considering whether it can be a positive career path for all the aspiring trainees who are considering it so they can establish their own massage business.

There are 3 major things that your massage school will never tell you while you are undertaking the massage therapy training. While you are enrolling for the massage therapy program, the school will not talk about. The first one is:

  • The qualities that are required by a massage therapy trainee
  • Physical limitations of the trainees
  • Gender biasness in the profession

Being a massage therapist requires some talent that cannot be learned through the training program. You will need to have extra skills that incline towards carrying out the massage therapy on the clients. You must have a perfect reason for choosing massage therapy business as your career. Though massage therapy can be a great business idea, if you do not have a smooth going hand and do not want to mingle with people, you won’t do very well in the business. The urge to pick start this industry must come from inside but not from your necessities such as financial. You must make it sure whether you really like people before you enter your massage business as your career.

On the other hand, you must know that massage business ask for strength. You will have to deliver the task with all your stamina as a massage therapist. You cannot meet the physically demanding service if you have any health issues such as spine problems. Those who are not in a good shape really should look twice before taking up this career.

Generally, in massage business, most of the clients prefer female therapist than a male therapist. This is also a hidden factor that most of the massage schools do not disclose. But, in fact, while compared to women massage therapist with men massage therapist, 85% of the clients prefer females and only 15% stands for males. Now when you begin to branch out into other niched area’s of massage therapy this could sway heavily so do your research.

Thus before you decide on this career, you must study your interest, ability, skills, physical condition and gender related issues. When you think you are truly ready to commit to a massage business, only then you must proceed to take up the massage training and requires. The rate of massage therapist who quit the job after one year of their graduation falls on 50% and out of the remaining half, some therapist are sure to change their career after 6 years.

If you find it difficult to own massage therapy as a full time job, you can check out starting a mobile massage business. You can be much more flexible with your time and can start very part time. Have a thorough research on massage by actually receiving massages and by understanding the different techniques used for it. Examining a therapist and consulting them is well worth doing as well. If you find a massage therapy that suits to you among the many, then you can choose it as a profession. Otherwise, it would be wise to start looking for other career options.

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