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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting Up a Mobile Massage Business

mobile massage businessMobile Massage Business Questions
So you’re interesting in starting your own business and you feel massage is your calling. Well congratulations! We’re here to tell you the mobile massage business industry has done nothing but grow over the past few years and by all means shows many signs it will continue to grow well into the future. This is key when starting a business. Ask yourself is it growing!

Don’t let optimism cloud your judgement though. There are at least ten questions you’ve got to be prepared to answer before you make the commitment to start your mobile massage business.

Your Top 10 Massage Business Questions 

1. Should I go with a Massage Business Franchise or go the self employed route and incorporate?

  • The bottom line is a Franchise can save you some work, but they will also require a stiff upfront fee in most cases as well as a percentage of your profits over the long haul. We recommend you research what’s required to startup your business on your own first. Both have their benefits and both have their setbacks.

2. Am I a people person?

  • Believe it or not, you’re going to have a lot of contact with people and your communication skills are going to be important for networking as well as building up long term relationships with clients. If working with people doesn’t come naturally or you’re not prepared to work on your communication skills this may be a tough career path.

3. Do I like to serve people?

  • This is a deeper question than are you a people person. Do you have a servants heart or are you just doing this because you think you can make a bunch of money? Lots of schools will tell you right out of massage school you’ll make a lot of money. Don’t be fooled. If your reason is the later your’e going to have a hard time being successful and getting referral business.

4. Am I prepared to take on the role of a business owner and do I even know what that is?

  • This is a huge reason why so many mobile massage therapists fail. They aren’t prepared with the mindset of a business owner. You’ve got to realize there’s the role of the massage therapist as well as the business owner and all of the sub roles required. In our Mobile Massage Guide we break down those roles and exactly what it looks like to be a business owner.

5. Am I prepared to research my market and their needs objectively?

  • If there’s a big challenge to anyone starting up nearly any kind of business it’s understanding marketing and it’s application to their business. Marketing is simply understanding your audience better than they know themselves so you can communicate your solution to their problems. It’s key to know their biggest fears, frustrations, wants and desires so you can communicate your solution directly to those emotions. People make emotional decisions and justify it with logic. This kind of research though takes effort.

6. Do I have a massage business plan and if not how do I get one?

  • A business plan is critical for several reasons but the biggest reason is so you know financially where you stand not only now but in 3 years time. Projections provide you with at least a framework of where you’re going with your business as well as any financial institutions who you may approach for a loan. Which leads us to the next question.

7. Do I have the financial resources to invest in start up costs or does it make sense to take out a loan?

  • With your massage business plan in place and your research on what is required to start, you’ll have a good idea if you can afford the startup costs out of pocket or not. We actually outline what you’ll need in our massage business startup guide.

8. Am I comfortable with Selling?

  • Believe it or not, you’ll be doing a lot of selling if you own your own mobile massage business. You’ll be selling people not only on you but also the benefits of working with you as well as the costs of not working with you.

9. What challenges could I encounter?

  • Ok, this is a trick question however let’s answer it anyway. A seasoned business owner realizes they can’t possibly know all the things they will encounter that will stand in their way of running a successful business. A stronger position is having solid business fundamentals in place and asking how can I attach myself to someone who has already done it? A mentor can come in very handy in order to side step business pot holes.

10. What are the questions I don’t know to ask?

  • Now this is the best question you can possibly ask, especially of a mentor or someone who has already went down the path of owning a successful mobile massage business. If you don’t know anyone or aren’t sure where to look, we’ve already asked all the questions and collected all the answers for you.

Make no mistake, starting your own mobile massage business has a lot of responsibility tied to it however the rewards of serving people with something your naturally good, at while financially profiting from it, can be very fulfilling. This is why it’s crucial to ask yourself these top 10 questions.

We encourage you to get the facts for yourself in our comprehensive Mobile Massage Business Startup Guide. Get all of your questions answered and discover the questions you didn’t even know to ask. 

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